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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

XML at X; Film at XI

The original XML Recommendation is 10 years old today. Happy XML Day!
These anniversaries feel a little artificial to me; my first clear
memory of the XML work was a teleconference Jon Bosak had arranged among
the "SGML on the Web Editorial Review Board" members in June (?) 1996,
so for me XML is twelve and a half years old. As something of a birthday
present, today I'm publishing something SGML-flavored that I hope may
still be of use, or at least morbid interest, to modern XML
practitioners. You see, I cowrote a book in the just-prior-to-XML era
with another of my lifelong friends, Jeanne El Andaloussi, about SGML,
in SGML. In DocBook, as a matter of fact. That methodology I mentioned
above, with design principles and stuff? That came from this book. Now
that the book is out of print, she and I discussed the matter, and we
agreed to publish it here... You'll have to be the judge of how well
the content has stood the test of time, but I can tell you the markup
did beautifully. With a huge dollop of help from Norm Walsh (both his
DocBook stylesheets and his mad skillz), the SGML-to-XML-to-HTML
processing pipeline was downright trivial. Voila! We present to you
(online): "Developing SGML DTDs: From Text to Model to Markup." More Information See also the classic e-book: CLICK HERE

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