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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Will HP's Extended GIF Partnership Help With SOA Interoperability?

HP today launched new versions of Systinet and SOA Manager, adding new
features aimed at run-time governance " enforcing the policies that
traditional design-time registries and repositories define. It is also
announcing a large expansion of its Governance Interoperability Framework
(GIF), a set of specifications that smooth links between the registry
or repository and other components. The expansion of GIF is largely
through ten new partners, all of whom will support the spec. The single
most important new partner is Oracle, which is already a major player
in SOA and set to become moreso with its acquisition of BEA, already a
GIF member. The most interesting looks like LogicLibrary, a specialist
registry/repository vendor and Systinet competitor. Its support turns
GIF from what had been a Systinet-centric program into something more
vendor neutral. Most of the XML security gateway industry have also
joined the GIF program: HP is announcing support form Cisco Systems,
Alcatel-Lucent, Vordel and Layer 7 Technologies, which leaves IBM
DataPower the only major player in XML security that's not involved.
The other four new members are orchestration specialist Active Endpoints
and Web 2.0 development tool vendors JackBe, Nexaweb and Sonoa Systems,
which could help to bridge the gap between rich Internet applications
and SOA back end systems. But not everyone has embraced GIF. The main
competitor is SOA Link, a similar program started by Infravio before
it was acquired by webMethods and then Software AG. HP's new software
(Systinet 2.52 and SOA Manager 2.5) tries to close the loop between
design-time governance and run-time management, something several other
vendors are working on.

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