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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

IPTC Announces NewsML-G2 and EventsML-G2 as G2-Standards

Misha Wolf (Reuters) posted an IPTC announcement about the launch of
NewsML-G2 and EventsML-G2 as the first parts of a new framework of
XML-based news exchange formats from the International Press
Telecommunications Council (IPTC). NewsML-G2 defines a string-derived
datatype called QCode (Qualified Code), which looks like this:
"CodingSchemeAlias:Code." The CodingSchemeAlias maps to an IRI
representing the CodingScheme. The IRI obtained by appending the Code
to this IRI represents the Code. The Code can contain (and start with)
most characters. The main exception is white space, and the Code can
be entirely numeric. QCodes are used as attribute values. Such
attributes accept QCodes only, so there is no conflict with IRIs/URIs.
The next steps include the creation of an OWL representation of the
NewsML-G2 Schema and Semantics, the translation into SKOS of NewsML-G2
KnowledgeItems, and the updating of our GRDDL transform to reflect the
released version of NewsML-G2. Acording to the announcement: "NewsML-G2
allows the bundling of multiple news items -- articles, photos, videos
or whatever -- and a detailed description of their content and how the
items relate to each other. Whether populating a web site with complex
news packages or building bundles of news items for resale or archiving,
NewsML-G2 provides an easy way to package and exchange news... The
G2-Standards also fit into the Semantic Web initiatives of the World
Wide Web Consortium, enriching content so that computers can more easily
search the huge universe of news. The goal is to better help news
agencies manage and distribute their massive libraries of current and
archived news content, and to help customer search engines find content
quickly and accurately. G2-Standards can be easily combined with IPTC's
groundbreaking NewsCodes, which provide a rich suite of standard terms
for describing news, to give news agencies amazing flexibility in how
news can be bundled for downstream users. With widely available digital
news archives now dating back to 1850 or earlier, news agencies,
librarians and archivists have a special interest in the rapid searching
and retrieval of news, which NewsCodes can accelerate to help drive
revenue growth." IPTC is a consortium of the world's major news
agencies, news publishers and news industry vendors. It develops and
maintains technical standards for improved news exchange that are used
by virtually every major news organization in the world.

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