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Sunday, February 17, 2008

WLS 10.3 Tech Preview Supports Service Component Architecture (SCA)

WebLogic 10.3 Tech preview now supports Service Component Architecture
(SCA) runtime. The SCA specification has two main parts: implementation
of service components (which can be done in any language) and the
assembly model which is the linking of components through wiring (which
is done through XML files). Every component technology (Spring, POJO,
EJB etc) that wants to participate in the SCA framework should support
SCA metadata. The SCA specification defines language bindings for each
of the technologies. In my opinion, SCA is the next evolution of building
interoperable distributed systems. The claim to fame for SOAP based web
services is that it provided a programming model where clients do not
care as to which programming language the service is implemented. The
client can be written in any language that has a SOAP binding. The only
restriction on the client is that it has to use the SOAP API. Thus by
service enabling your existing business services and modifying your
legacy clients to speak SOAP, web services have made enterprise
integration easier compared to yester years. Now SCA takes this
interoperability to the next level, where now your clients can stay as
is and do not have to use the same transport as the service. All the
client knows is that it is a remotable service. Let us say you have a
Java client that was talking to an EJB. Now this EJB has been converted
into a web service. In this case, the Java client does not have to
change to use SOAP API. Instead it can still use its EJB client code
because the web service (which is an SCA component) can be decorated
with an EJB binding. Thus the service can be implemented in one technology
such as Spring, POJO, EJB, web service or BPEL and it can be decorated
with a different binding (Spring, POJO, EJB, web services etc) to support
different clients. By including the SCA runtime on WLS, customers can
take advantage of the RASP functionality provided by WLS for the deployed
SCA components. The infrastructural capabilities such as security,
transactions, reliable messaging that are to be handled declaratively
through policies under the SCA specification can all be provided by WLS. More Information

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