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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

DITA: Reusable XML

IBM and software vendor JustSystems announce the availability of a
methodology that allows organizations to break up huge Extensible
Markup Language (XML) documents into reusable pieces. "The Darwin
Information Typing Architecture (DITA) Maturity Model," co-authored by
IBM and JustSystems, is the first step-by-step process for implementing
DITA, officials from the companies said. DITA can be applied to content
that is highly branded or regulated and broadly leveraged, including
technical documents, marketing materials and regulatory filings,
according to Paul Wlodarczyk, vice president of solutions consulting at
JustSystems: "The DITA Maturity Model recognizes that each organization
is adopting DITA at its own pace. So, the model starts from square one,
laying out the key steps that any organization can take to successfully
adopt DITA." One of DITA's most attractive features is its support for
incremental adoption. However, organizations at different stages of
adoption claim radically different numbers for cost of migration and
return on investment. To address these issues, the DITA Maturity Model
divides DITA adoption into six levels, each with its own required
investment and associated return on investment. As a result, users can
assess their own capabilities and goals relative to the model and
choose the initial adoption level appropriate for their needs and

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