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Friday, February 15, 2008

Expressing SNMP SMI Datatypes in XML Schema Definition Language

Members of the IETF Operations and Management Area Working Group Working
Group have published a new Internet Draft in the online directories:
"Expressing SNMP SMI Datatypes in XML Schema Definition Language." The
memo defines the IETF standard expression of Simple Network Management
Protocol (SNMP) Structure of Management Information (SMI) datatypes in
Extensible Markup Language (XML) Schema Definition (XSD) language. The
primary objective of this memo is to enable production of XML documents
that are as faithful to the SMI as possible, using XSD as the validation
mechanism. This memo is the first in a set of three related and
(logically) ordered specifications: (1) SNMP SMI Datatypes (RFC 2578)
in XSD; (2) SNMP MIB Structure (RFC 2578) in XSD. (3) SNMP Textual
Conventions (RFC 2579) in XSD. As a set, these documents define the XSD
equivalent of SMIv2 to encourage XML-based protocols to carry, and
XML-based applications to use, the information modeled in the
SMIv2-compliant Management Information Base ("The MIB"). Various
independent schemes have been devised for expressing the SMI datatypes
and textual conventions in W3C Schema (XSD). These schemes have exhibited
a degree of commonality (especially concerning the numeric SMI datatypes),
but also sufficient differences (especially concerning the non-numeric
SMI datatypes) to preclude general interoperability. The primary purpose
of this memo is to define a standard expression of SMI datatypes in XSD
to ensure uniformity and general interoperability in this respect.
Internet operators, management tool developers, and users will benefit
from the wider selection of management tools and the greater degree of
unified management -- with attendant improvements in timeliness and
accuracy of management information -- which such a standard will

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