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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

WSO2 Joining Open-Source SOA Registry Field

Featuring SOA governance and Web 2.0 collaboration capabilities, WSO2
Registry offers a repository for storing information and a registry for
locating it. A Web-based interface is included along with Web 2.0 features
like tags, ratings, and comments systems. Users can store and manage
enterprise metadata in a wiki-style model. WSO2's structured repository
supports XML and SOA metadata formats along with arbitrary data, such
as Microsoft Office documents, images, files, and text formats. A
catalog of enterprise information can be built that includes services,
service descriptions, employee data, and ongoing projects. "It's a
registry and repository product, so it basically organizes and lets you
store in a versioned and REST-compatible way all the SOA metadata that
happens to be in your enterprise," said Glen Daniels, director of Java
platforms at WSO2. Metadata can include service descriptions, XML schemas,
and configuration data. The company follows MuleSource in announcing an
open-source registry and repository for SOA. According to the announcement:
"The WSO2 Registry supports several usage scenarios. First, it can be
embedded in any Java application that needs a registry and repository
to store resources with Web 2.0-style features for commenting, tagging
and rating those resources. Second, it offers a REST-style Web API that
allows the WSO2 Registry to be used remotely from any application from
any language, including Java, PHP, C++, and Javascript. The Web API is
built on the popular Atom and AtomPub protocols, allowing any feed reader
(such as Google Reader or Bloglines reader) to browse the contents of
the Registry. Finally, the WSO2 Registry comes with an attractive
AJAX-powered user interface, which allows it to be used as a Web
application by both business and technical users alike. The product can
be used with the embedded database or be configured to use an existing
database such as MySQL, Oracle or SQLServer..."

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