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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dispelling Myths Around ODF

The 'In-Depth Research Overview' published by Burton Group on January 11,
2008 ("What's Up, .DOC? ODF, OOXML, and the Revolutionary Implications
of XML in Productivity Applications") generated a large volume of
response from commentators, including a response from the ODF Alliance
("Open Document Format Alliance Response to the Burton Group's Report").
In this connection, Erwin Tenhumberg's blog has been cited frequently.
He writes: "Recent articles, reports and documents show that there are
still a lot of misperceptions regarding ODF in the market. Apparently,
many people are still not well informed about ODF even though they
choose to write about ODF. Therefore, I thought it can't hurt trying to
dispel a couple of myths around ODF... I hope the information [above]
has helped to dispel a few myths around ODF and helps people reading
articles, blog entries and analyst reports about ODF. From my point of
view, ODF provides all an office suite user needs, and I'm sure that we
will read a lot more great and encouraging news about ODF in 2008.
Some of the "myths" discussed: ODF is controlled by Sun; ODF equals Open
Source; ODF is very closely related to; Customer care
about features, not formats; ODF is not being adopted; ODF has a very
limited feature set; The Web makes ODF irrelevant; ODF is incompatible
with Microsoft Office." Also in this connection, Carol Geyer (OASIS)
reported that: "OASIS has been in contact with Burton Group concerning
their report, "What's Up Doc?"-- as has IBM, ODF Alliance, Sun, and
others. As a result, Burton analyst, Guy Creese, has published a blog
post entitled, 'Some Counterpoint to Our ODF/OOXML Report'... Creese
notes that Burton plans to update the report in the next quarter '...
with an eye to (1) accepting or rebutting arguments made by others,
(2) taking into account the result of the ISO vote, and (3) clarifying
points that people misunderstood or misinterpreted."

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