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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Lombardi Teamworks Conquers BPM with Superb Tools, Flexible Execution

The most well-rounded business process management system (BPMS) we've
tested to date, Lombardi Software's Teamworks combines an execution
and events monitoring engine with a close-knit IDE and tools for
modeling and simulation analysis. With the inclusion of human-centric,
collaborative workflow and services-based integration hooks, Teamworks
can deliver near-seamless mapping, testing, and deployment to execute
most any enterprise workflow. The Activity Wizard made creating rules,
and defining human- and system-side interactions, much easier tasks.
Solid introspection across Java and Web services -- including a new
UDDI tool -- helped hasten discovery and development. Transports are
well represented with SOAP and HTTP/REST-style invocations, as well as
JMS and others. Support for BPMN intermediate events helps you flag
exceptions and initiate compensation rollback procedures in the absence
of more ACID-grade transaction management... Teamworks is rich in
features and strong on tools, with additional perks such as a SharePoint
add-on to build Web parts portlets, good subprocess exposure via Web
services, a connector for Progress Sonic ESB (with hooks to Teamworks
from Progress Actional in the works), and SAML support (one of the few
BPM solutions to make the claim)... One may use popular browsers to
complete process work or integrate with existing portals using JSR-168
or WSRP. On the downside, although Teamworks uses standard BPMN
(Business Process Modeling Notation) for designs, its runtime engine
is proprietary. This could limit execution portability compared to
engines such as BEA/Fuego or Fiorano that handle BPEL natively.

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