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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Adobe PDF Version 1.7 Close to International Standard

The next version of Adobe (NSDQ: ADBE) Systems' PDF document format
has received overwhelming approval from an international standards
body, taking the format close to final adoption. Out of the 15
countries represented on the standards committee of the International
Standards Organization, nine voted yes without comments and four gave
their approval with comments, James King, PDF architect and senior
principal scientist at Adobe said in the company's Inside PDF blog.
France was the only member to vote against PDF 1.7, with Russia
abstaining. Italy sent comments, but is a non-voting member of the
panel. Overall, 205 comments were submitted, which means the concerns
will have to be addressed before the file format becomes ISO standard
32000. King, who was nominated by the U.S. as technical editor, said
he would prepare responses to all the comments in time for the
January 21-23 [2008] meeting of the working group. The U.S. was the
sponsoring country for PDF 1.7, and the one with the most comments
(125). PDF is a popular electronic document format found in business,
and Web publishing. Last month, Adobe and Yahoo unveiled plans to
launch a service that would insert ads into online PDF documents,
and share revenue with the publishers. More Information

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