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Friday, December 21, 2007

SugarCRM Offers Biggest Upgrade Yet

SugarCRM has released the 5.0 version of its open-source customer
relationship management software following a long period of development
and testing. Sugar 5.0 features improvements in three main areas:
A new on-demand architecture designed to improve security, tools that
let nontechnical users build custom modules, and an AJAX e-mail client
that is compatible with any server that supports the POP3 protocol. The
release also delivers upgraded dashboarding capabilities. The software
went through three beta cycles and was tested more than 30,000 times
by members of SugarCRM's open-source community, said Chris Harrick,
senior director of product marketing for the Cupertino, California,
company. Harrick said the open-source development model allows software
to be vetted far more thoroughly than an in-house quality testing team
can. In a space crowded by seemingly similar CRM offerings, SugarCRM
has tried to differentiate itself partly through fostering a user-friendly
image, according to Martens. The company's attitude, according to China
Martens (an analyst with the 451 Group) is: "Forget about the technical
guys, we're Sugar and you can configure us. We're friendly."

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