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Friday, December 28, 2007

Using Intelligence Community Security Markings (IC-ISM) with NIEM

NIEM (National Information Exchange Model) is a partnership of the
U.S. Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security.
Developers recently announced an interim solution designed to allow
users to use IC-ISM within NIEM 2.0. The IC-ISM standard is an XML
Schema described in the IC-ISM Data Element Dictionary and the
Implementation Guide. It is one of the Intelligence Community (IC)
Metadata Standards for Information Assurance and is the preferred
way to apply information security markings within XML instances. Until
recently, the schema for the Intelligence Community Information
Security Marking (IC-ISM) standard was considered for official use
only (FOUO) and could not be published. Therefore, NIEM 2.0 could not
integrate components of IC-ISM without publishing the IC-ISM schema.
Actions have now been taken to restore the ability to use IC-ISM within
NIEM 2.0 and future releases. To facilitate the preferred (future)
use of the IC-ISM standard in NIEM will require, in sequence:
(1) Completion of the NIEM versioning architecture; (2) A
forward-compatible release update to NIEM 2.0; (3) Minor change(s)
to the NIEM NDR; (4) Governance Committee review and approval.

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