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Friday, December 28, 2007

WSO2 Registry Version 0.1

On behalf of the WSO2 Registry team, Paul Fremantle announced the version
0.1 release of the WSO2 Registry. "This early release demonstrates a
completely REST-based approach to storing, searching and managing SOA
metadata. The Registry stores any kind of resource in a simple JDBC
driven store, and uses AtomPub as a web API to allow publishing and
searching. The Registry has been deliberately designed to bring social
interaction to the world of SOA metadata by including tagging, comments,
rating and a wiki-like approach to SOA registries... WSO2 Registry
enables you to store, catalog, index and manage your enterprise meta
data in a simple, scalable and easy-to-use model. It is designed around
community concepts such as tags, comments, ratings, users and roles.
Think of the registry as a structured wiki designed to help you manage
your meta-data in a simple business-friendly system. In addition, the
registry allows you to store more unstructured data such as Word
documents, Excel spreadsheets and text formats. Using these approaches,
you can build a catalog of enterprise information ranging from services,
service descriptions to employee data and on going projects. WSO2
Registry can be deployed in Application Servers and access using the
Web UI or the APP interface. It can also be used as a Java library
inside other Java programs as a resource store with all community
features and versioning."

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