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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Microsoft Offers Volta Preview for Web Apps Development

Microsoft is releasing a technology preview of its Volta Web developer
toolset, which is intended to make it easier to build multitier Web
applications, including applications useful in SaaS (software as a
service) environments. Volta furthers Microsoft's software plus
services efforts, including SaaS, because it enables easier development
of multitier applications, the company said. Volta takes advantage of
technologies such as Microsoft's LINQ (Language Integrated Query) and
AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and automates certain low-level
aspects of distributing applications across multiple tiers. Developers
can instead focus on distinguishing features of an application.
End-to-end debugging and performance profiling are featured as well.
Volta measures the speed and performance of an application to see
how it performs on the client and server. Fine-tuned adjustments are
enabled, such as moving a piece of code from the client to the server
late in the development process. The secret sauce, so to speak, of
Volta is its use of MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language), which is
the language used to compile applications written in .Net languages.
The MSIL-to-MISL rewriting technique employed in Volta takes
post-compilation steps to rewrite client IL to run in JavaScript and
rewrite server IL to run on ASP.Net. Web services are generated
when IL is rewritten to ASP.Net. More Information

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