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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Call for Implementations: Extensible MultiModal Annotation Markup Language

W3C has issued a call for implementations of the "EMMA: Extensible
MultiModal Annotation Markup Language" specification, recently advanced
to the stage of Candidate Recommendation. W3C publishes a technical
report as a Candidate Recommendation to indicate that the document is
believed to be stable, and to encourage implementation by the developer
community. Implementation feedback is welcome through 14-April-2008. The
EMMA specification has been produced by members of the W3C Multimodal
Interaction Working Group as part of W3C's Multimodal Interaction Activity.
EMMA is a data exchange format for the interface between input processors
and interaction management systems within the Multimodal Architecture and
Interfaces, and defines the means to annotate application specific data
with information such as confidence scores, time stamps, input mode,
alternative recognition hypotheses, and partial recognition results. The
W3C Multimodal Interaction working group aims to develop specifications
to enable access to the Web using multimodal interaction. This document
is part of a set of specifications for multimodal systems, and provides
details of an XML markup language for containing and annotating the
interpretation of user input. Examples of interpretation of user input
are a transcription into words of a raw signal, for instance derived
from speech, pen or keystroke input, a set of attribute/value pairs
describing their meaning, or a set of attribute/value pairs describing
a gesture. The interpretation of the user's input is expected to be
generated by signal interpretation processes, such as speech and ink
recognition, semantic interpreters, and other types of processors for
use by components that act on the user's inputs such as interaction
managers. More Information

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piumiish said...

I'm new to EMMA and I want to know how i can start coding with EMMA for multimodal mobile application.Can you pls help me on this??