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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ulteo Brings OpenOffice to Web Browser

Ulteo, a company staffed by Linux veterans, has launched the test
version of a service that lets people run the desktop
suite in the Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers. The hosted version
of OpenOffice version 3.2 supports PDF printing. The service is designed
to let people collaborate with OpenOffice documents online and use the
open-source application suite without having to download it. People
can also exchange documents in Microsoft's Office format or PDF. The
service also supports the OpenDocument Format standard. Already several
companies are offering online versions of traditional desktop
applications, including Google, Zoho, and others. Microsoft recently
released Office Live Workspace, which lets people share Office documents
on a hosted Web server. The Ulteo service is aimed specifically toward
people who use the OpenOffice suite. From the announcement: "As well as
offering instant 'no-install' access, Ulteo's service also provides users with instant collaboration capabilities. A user
working with on the Ulteo server can invite other people
to work with him or her on a shared document in real time. Invitations
are sent via email and allow access in either read only or full edit
mode, simply by clicking on a link in the email." More Information

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