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Friday, December 21, 2007

Ruby on Rails 2.0 Users Give Thumbs Up

With Ruby on Rails 2.0 just a week old, developers already are weighing
in with what they like or dislike about the new release. Ruby on Rails
creator David Heinemeier Hansson announced the release of Ruby on Rails
2.0 on December 7, 2007 to a developer base set on seeing the next big
thing regarding the popular Web development framework. Chief among the
changes in Rails 2.0 are enhanced security and support for REST
(Representational State Transfer). Steven Beales, chief software
architect at Medical Decision Logic said Mdlogix has been using the
EdgeRails releases of Rails and had already incorporated many of the
Rails 2.0 features into its Rails-based solutions. Mdlogix develops a
clinical research management system based on Rails. Beales said the
most useful features of Rails 2.0 for Mdlogix have been Partial Layouts,
which reduce CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)/html duplication by allowing
parts of pages to use common layouts, RESTful Routing Updates, which
allow "prettier" URLs for custom actions, Asset Caching, which provides
new tags for compressing JavaScript easily, Initializers, which separate
out custom configuration into separate initializer files, and Fixtures,
which provide support for using fixture names in other fixture files
to relate fixtures. Simply put, Beales said RoR (Ruby on Rails) is the
most productive tool Mdlogix has for developing simple-looking Web
applications with advanced functionality.

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