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Friday, December 7, 2007

XML Conference 2007 Second Day

This is the continuation of blogging from XML Conference 2007. There
are, of course, a lot of folks blogging about the conference. (1)
Dorothy Hoskins: Outside-In XML Publishing... What role can XML
play at the prettiest end of the print production spectrum? Instead
of struggling with XSL-FO in these cases, develop XML outside of
your formatting system and then eventually import your content near
the end. Both InDesign and FrameMaker are good options for this route.
FrameMaker 8 has good integration with DITA, in particular. (2)
Lisa Bos: Current Trends in XML Content Management Systems... Since
2000, publishers have grasped the importance of XML, but in the early
days there were not any solutions that fit them well. Today, there
are a huge numbers of XML products targeted toward publishers, some
of which is actually helpful. (3) Robin Doran and Matthew Browning:
BBC iPlayer Content production: The Evolution of an XML Tool-Chain...
The iPlayer is being developed to allow streaming of scheduled BBC
TV and Radio shows. The scheduling information itself is quite complex
and delivered in the emerging XML standard called TVA, which the BBC
is helping along. (4) Micah Dubinko WebPath: Querying the web as XML
Web Tools... Pulling random XML off of the web rarely works as promised,
though some have exaggerated this problem. (5) Mark Birbeck: XForms,
REST, XQuery, and skimming... The client in web applications is too
thin and provides insufficient technology to make building web
applications easy. XForms explicitly allows these functions to be
broken discretely apart. With XForms, as with Ajax, automatic UI updates
without reloads are possible, but this bit is well publicized. Less
commonly talked about is the ability to drive the UI with data
types -- datetimes with a date selector. More Information See also Elliotte Rusty Harold blog: Click Here

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