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Friday, December 7, 2007

DataDirect Updates XML Converters and XQuery Engine

Connectivity software developer DataDirect Technologies has launched
version 3.1 of the XML converter and XQuery engine at the XML 2007
conference and exposition in Boston. According to DataDirect, the
new version of XML converters for Java and .NET provide bi-directional,
programmatic access to non-XML files, including electronic data
interchange (EDI), flat files and other legacy formats. It also
offers API support to dynamically fetch the XML schema for conversion
and standard exchange format (SEF) support for custom EDI needs.
The company said that the converters also support B2B integration
standards such as X12, EDI for administration commerce and transport,
international air transport association (IATA), and Health Level
Seven (HL7). From the text of the announcement: "DataDirect XML
Converters plug into the DataDirect XQuery product, an enterprise-grade
XQuery processor that supports the W3C standard and allows data to be
easily transformed, aggregated and enriched -- providing seamless
integration for all data formats supported by the DataDirect XML
Converters. DataDirect XQuery version 3.1 includes expanded database
support for both the Enterprise and Community edition of MySQL server
and full update support for relational data including Oracle 11g,
Informix, and PostgreSQL. Featuring extended file type support and
output enhancements, DataDirect XQuery version 3.1 further simplifies
the performance of combining and processing heterogeneous data sources.
The product now supports the ability to query new office document
standards like OpenDocument Format, Office Open XML and XML-based
versions of PDF." More Information See also the announcement: Click Here

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