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Monday, December 3, 2007

OASIS Extensible Resource Identifier (XRI) Resolution Version 2.0

OASIS announced the release of a approved Committee Draft of the
"Extensible Resource Identifier (XRI) Resolution Version 2.0"
specification for public review. The comment period ends 1-February-2008.
The specification defines a simple generic format for resource
description (XRDS documents), a protocol for obtaining XRDS documents
from HTTP(S) URIs, and generic and trusted protocols for resolving
Extensible Resource Identifiers (XRIs) using XRDS documents and HTTP(S)
URIs. These protocols are intended for use with both HTTP(S) URIs as
defined in RFC 2616 and with XRIs as defined by Extensible Resource
Identifier (XRI) Syntax Version 2.0 or higher. Extensible Resource
Identifier (XRI) provides a uniform syntax for abstract structured
identifiers. Because XRIs may be used across a wide variety of
communities and applications (as Web addresses, database keys,
filenames, object IDs, XML IDs, tags, etc.), no single resolution
mechanism may prove appropriate for all XRIs. However, in the interest
of promoting interoperability, this specification defines a simple
generic resource description format called XRDS (Extensible Resource
Descriptor Sequence), a standard protocol for requesting XRDS documents
using HTTP(S) URIs, and standard protocol for resolving XRIs using XRDS
documents and HTTP(S) URIs. Both generic and trusted versions of the
XRI resolution protocol are defined (the latter using HTTPS (RFC 2818)
and/or signed SAML assertions). In addition, an HTTP(S) proxy resolution
service is specified both to provide network-based resolution services
and for backwards compatibility with existing HTTP(S) infrastructure. More Information See also the announcement: Click Here

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