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Friday, December 21, 2007

Orbeon Forms 3.6 Final Release

Developers have announced the final release of Orbeon Forms 3.6. Orbeon
Forms is an open source forms solution that handles the complexity of
forms typical of the enterprise or government. It is delivered to
standard web browsers (including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and
Opera) thanks to XForms and Ajax technology, with no need for client-side
software or plugins. Orbeon Forms allows you to build fully interactive
forms with features that include as-you-type validation, optional and
repeated sections, always up-to-date error summaries, PDF output, full
internationalization, and controls like auto-completion, tabs, dialogs,
trees and menus. Orbeon Forms 3.6 features over 170 improvements since
Orbeon Forms 3.5.1, including major improvements in the areas of state
handling, XML Schema validation, error handling, deployment within Java
applications, and performance. In previous versions, XML Schema
validation always followed a strict mode where all instances had to
be strictly valid as per imported schema definitions. In particular,
this meant that if you imported a schema, the top-level element of an
instance had to have a valid schema definition or the instance would
be entirely invalid. In version 3.6, Orbeon Forms implements a "lax"
validation mode by default, where only elements that have definitions
in the imported schemas are validated. Other elements are not considered
for validation. This is in line with XML Schema and XSLT 2.0 lax
validation modes. Founded in 1999, Orbeon is headquartered in Silicon
Valley and maintains a field office in Switzerland.

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