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Monday, December 3, 2007

OASIS Members Propose New TC for Testing and Monitoring Internet Exchanges

In November 2007, OASIS issued a proposed charter for a new "OASIS
Testing and Monitoring Internet Exchanges Technical Committee." While
the proposal is not associated with a supporting (pre-TC-formation)
Technical Committee Discussion List, technical issues addressed in
the TC Charter Proposal are similar to some being treated by the current
OASIS Test Assertions Guidelines (TAG) TC and OASIS ebXML Implementation
Interoperability and Conformance (IIC) TC, and by the closed OASIS
Conformance Technical Committee. In particular, "Event-Driven Test
Scripting Language (eTSL)" Version 0.85 under development within the
OASIS ebXML Implementation Interoperability and Conformance (IIC) TC
is proposed for contribution to the TaMIE TC. The proposed TaMIE TC will
define an event-centric test case scripting markup and execution model
for systems that use Internet-based messages or events in collaborations
between partners, or between components, where collaboration is achieved
by the means of choreographed exchanges of discrete units of data. The
TaMIE TC would produce four key deliverables, including (1) a requirements
document, which may include use cases for Internet exchanges, test
assertions for related standards, references to existing test case
dialects or existing logging formats or systems; (2) a specification
defining a test case execution model and scripting that supports both
the testing and monitoring of message and business data exchanges; (3)
a set of examples and use cases; (4) an implementation of the
specification used for proof of the proposed concept and principle. More Information

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