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Monday, December 3, 2007

Defining the Grid: A Roadmap for OGSA Standards Version 1.1

The Open Grid Forum (OGF) has embraced the Open Grid Services
Architecture (OGSA) as the blueprint for standards-based grid computing.
'Open' refers to the process used to develop standards that achieve
interoperability. 'Grid' is concerned with the integration,
virtualization, and management of services and resources in a
distributed, heterogeneous environment. It is 'service-oriented'
because it delivers functionality as loosely coupled, interacting
services aligned with industry-accepted Web service standards. The
document provides information to the Grid community regarding the
roadmap of the Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA). It does not
define any standards or technical recommendations, but contains schedule
information for work being carried out by multiple OGF working groups
and external organizations. One of the most important changes to the
overall distributed grid architecture model in recent years has been
the adoption of Web services as a foundation for method invocation and
data exchange over a network. These services are built upon well known
Web service specifications and provide access to grid resources using
XML messages communicated typically using the Simple Object Access
Protocol (SOAP) protocol. XML Schema provides a common typing system
which when combined with Web Services Description Language (WSDL)
provide the building blocks to exchange information across disparate
systems. The evolving Web service specifications cover many different
functional areas to include messaging content, transport, security,
transactions, metadata, and workflow. The Web Services-Interoperability
Organization (WS-I) has published the WS-I Basic Profile (BP) and the
Basic Security Profile (BSP). OASIS has published the WS-Resource
Framework (WSRF) which adds the notion of state to Web services which
can be remotely accessed and monitored. OGSA builds on this modular
non-proprietary foundation to define specifications which enable grid
systems to interoperate and to share resources between organizational
boundaries, defining a standardized grid service infrastructure. OGSA
publishes this combination of evolving Web service specifications as
OGF developed OGSA profiles, establishing the definition of a
standardized interoperable grid systems. OGSA recognizes that it is
important to track the evolution of Web service specifications and
evaluate their impact periodically upon the OGSA Architecture as well
as the grid community as a whole. This roadmap helps to serve that
purpose by maintaining an enumeration of Web service dependencies and
depicting their statuses in tables and graphics. More Information

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