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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

No Searching for the Swicki: It's Here

The Swicki (search-wiki) custom search tool arrives as a more
socially-minded alternative to customized search from Google and
Yahoo. The swicki, formally launched Dec. 4 by search software
specialist Eurekster, is a custom search portal and social search
widget. The software, free for consumers, also boasts new automation
features to make building a swicki simpler. Users may customize a
swicki search portal on any topic, choosing content from blogs, Web
sites, images, video and RSS feeds, and share the widget to a
community of users. However, instead of returning millions of results
like a generic search engine, swickis "learn" from the search behavior
of the community, theoretically making it easier for the next user to
find what they're looking for. Here's how it works: Swickis scan the
data indexed by multiple search feeds plus all additional sources
specified by the swicki builder to provide relevant results. The
swickis take into account keyword, clicks, votes and behavior recorded
from every search, so the search results ranking constantly changes.
Swickis also automatically update themselves based on the user's
online behavior.

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