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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Burton Group Report: Open XML Trumps ODF in Document Format Fight

The OpenDocument Format (ODF) remains "more of an anti-Microsoft
political statement than an objective technology selection" by users,
according to a report released Monday by analysts at Burton Group, who
recommend that companies adopt Microsoft Corp.'s Office Open XML
document format whether or not it is approved as an ISO standard next
month. Midvale, Utah-based Burton Group said that the report was
neither commissioned nor paid for by Microsoft. However, Burton analyst
Peter O'Kelly, one of the report's co-authors, is scheduled to make a
presentation at an Open XML press briefing that Microsoft plans to hold
in the Seattle area on Wednesday. Also speaking will be multiple
Microsoft executives involved in the Open XML standards-ratification
effort. In their report, O'Kelly and fellow analyst Guy Creese predicted
that Open XML "will be more pervasive" among users than ODF will be...
The two analysts also predicted that software-as-a-service vendors
working with documents online likely will have to add Open XML support
to their products over time. In addition, they said that they expect
Adobe Systems Inc.'s PDF to remain the dominant format for "nonrevisable"
documents. But ODF and especially Open XML will prevent PDF from catching
on with documents that still may be changed or edited, such that Adobe
will "likely" add support for Microsoft's format to its Buzzword online
word processor.

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