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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Mindreef Adds to SOA Testing

Mindreef is bolstering security verification in its server-based SOA
testing software and adding three new client products for SOA quality.
SOAPscope Server 6.1 and three new client products are being offered
to verify quality. The company's SOAPscope Server 6.1 enables teams
to test the quality of SOA, and is focused on the XML layer. Mindreef's
Grossman: "XML is pretty much what is communicated across the wire
between all the pieces of an SOA so it's very important. Version 6.1
makes it easier to test for WS-Security adherence in an SOA. Now, we
have security profiles, which means you can have an architect set up
all the pieces they need. Testers can verify security components,
such as X.509 certificates." The three client products being added
to the SOAPscope line include: (1) Architect 6.1, offering design-time
governance and an SOA quality and testing platform for policy rules
authoring, design-time support, prototyping, change-time, and run-time
support; (2) Tester 6.1, for load testing and test automation; quality
problems and potential performance bottlenecks can be spotted; (3)
Developer 6.1, featuring tools for problem diagnosis and resolution,
unit testing, and support of service consumers. Developers and
engineers can build and test Web services and SOA and automate
XML-oriented tasks. Functionality of the three client products is
included in SOAPscope Server 6.1. According to the web site
description: "SOAPscope Server 6.1 allows development and QA teams
to verify adherence to the OASIS WS-Security 1.0 and 1.1 standard.
SOAPscope Server can be used to test Web services that use WS-Security
by invoking and resending protected SOAP messages, and running
Scenario Tests using UsernameTokenProfile, X.509 Token Profile,
signing, and encrypting. Users can create security profiles for
different WS-Security configurations and switch between security
profiles during testing. Security profiles can be created for each
Service Space, a container that allows teams to organize, collaborate
and share assets with other project team members, so that users
sharing the same service space can quickly and easily run tests using
any of the pre-defined security profiles."

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