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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Create Rich Applications with JavaFX Script

JavaFX Script is a scripting language designed to facilitate the
creation of rich client and Internet applications. JavaFX Script,
which made its debut last spring, is a scripting language that runs on
top of Java Platform, Standard Edition 6 (Java SE) and makes it easy
to code sophisticated user interfaces. The language is highly portable
and can run on any system that supports Java technology, without local
installation. It uses underlying Java technologies to let you create
GUIs of any size or complexity easily. This article walks you through
the basics of the JavaFX Script language and uses a sample application
to introduce some UI components. JavaFX Script is a statically typed
language, which means that the data type of every variable, parameter,
and method return value is known at compile time. JavaFX Script is
also a declarative programming language: it describes what the
application is like rather than how to create it. The algorithm that
determines how to display the application on the screen is left to the
support software (Swing's Java 2D APIs). Because of these traits,
JavaFX Script is well suited for GUI creation. JavaFX Script
licensing: JavaFX Script, as of this writing, is one of a family of
JavaFX products from Sun Microsystems. (The only other family member
currently is JavaFX Mobile, an operating and application environment
for Java technology-enabled devices.) Sun has announced that JavaFX
Script will be licensed under the GNU Public License v2 in the future.
Meanwhile, the JavaFX Community is built around sharing early versions
of the JavaFX Script language and collaborating on its developmen

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