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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New Metro Policy Project

Metro (a high-performance, extensible, easy-to-use web service stack)
has a new Policy Project. Description: The policy project has two
distinct goals: (1) In the short term, make JAX-WS WS-policy aware by
moving out the generic policy code from project Tango. (2) In the
long term, provide a common, abstract policy API layer. The API design
should be independent of any particular policy expression language.
Instead it should be use case driven and ease-of-use oriented. The
project is inspired by the effort and experience gained with WS-Policy
and other policy languages for web services in project Tango. Unlike
the WS-Policy implementation in project Tango, this project is meant
to approach the policy domain in a much more general sense and to
enable policy features in a wide spectrum of Java SE and Java EE
applications. Fabian Ritzmann writes: "We are currently working on
moving the existing policy code out of Project Tango and into a
separate workspace. This open source project is hosted as a part of
the Metro community within GlassFish on Essentially, we
are moving up the policy code in the Metro stack from Tango to a base

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