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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Markmail for Email Archiving and Search Exceeds 5.5 Million Messages

Developers at Mark Logic Corporation have announced support for a number
of new mailing lists and significant growth of existing lists,
increasing the base of content being archived and searched with MarkMail.
Launched in November 2007, MarkMail is a community-focused searchable
message archive service. MarkMail allows people to leverage the immense
amount of collective knowledge accumulated over time through email
discussions. Users can find technical information, research historical
decision making, analyze and understand trends, and locate experts for
a wide range of technical topics. Each email is stored as an XML document,
and accessed using XQuery. All searches, faceted navigation, analytic
calculations, and HTML page renderings are performed on a single MarkLogic
Server machine running against millions of messages. With MarkMail,
users can seamlessly query across the structured and unstructured parts
of email, including attachments, unlocking the value trapped inside
millions emails. By observing structure in the seemingly free-form
content of the message body and automatically weighting query terms
appropriately, MarkMail delivers results far superior to simple full-text
search. In addition, MarkMail presents analytic information based on
header information and other message metadata, enabling user drill down
and query refinement. MarkMail now contains more than 700 mailing lists
and nearly six million messages, and in the last two months has added:
(1) 550,000 messages about PHP - a web scripting language; (2) 360,000
messages about MySQL - a relational database; (3) 275,000 messages about
Mozilla - home to Firefox, Thunderbird, etc; (4) 200,000 messages about
XML - XSLT, SAX, Mark Logic, etc; (5) 85,000 messages about Cascading
Style Sheets - a key component of Web development; (6) Many more
messages from smaller development communities - including JDOM, WSO2,
AppFuse, XWiki, and Mule. Built on MarkLogic Server, a industry-leading
XML content server, MarkMail combines sophisticated search functionality
with a powerful faceted navigation interface and real-time analytics
to deliver a new, state-of-the-art experience for interacting with
large-scale message archives.

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