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Saturday, February 2, 2008

W3C Working Draft: SMIL Timesheets 1.0

W3C announced "SMIL Timesheets 1.0" as a First Public Working Draft and
Last Call Working Draft of a possible future W3C Recommendation of the
SMIL Timesheets 1.0. This document has been produced by the SYMM Working
Group as part of the W3C Synchronized Multimedia Activity. document
defines an XML timing language that makes SMIL 3.0 element and attribute
timing control available to a wide range of other XML languages. This
language allows SMIL timing to be integrated into a wide variety of
a-temporal languages, even when several such languages are combined in
a compound document. SMIL Timesheets can be seen as a temporal
counterpart of CSS. Whereas CSS defines the spatial layout of the
document and formatting of the elements,SMIL Timesheets specify which
elements are active at a certain moment and what their temporal scope
is within a document. And as with CSS, SMIL Timesheets can be reused in
multiple documents, which can provide a common temporal framework for
multimedia presentations with different contents but identical
storylines. SMIL Timesheets allows the definition of out-of-line timing
in conjunction with non-SMIL languages including compound XML documents.
To make authoring easier, it contains only a limited subset of SMIL
functionality. This document was part of the SMIL 3.0 specification as
the "SMIL 3.0 External timing" module, extending SMIL timing. It was
removed from the SMIL 3.0 specification at Candidate Recommandation
phase in order to give it more visibility as Timesheets allows
integration of timing into a wide range of other XML languages.

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