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Saturday, February 2, 2008

TopQuadrant Releases Semantic Web Development Tools

TopQuadrant has added to its open Eclipse-based suite of solutions
that enable semantic Web application development for the enterprise.
The latest addition, announced in November, is called TopBraid Composer
Maestro Edition. This collection of tools is part of the company's
TopBraid Suite of solutions that support ontology modeling, Web
application deployment and collaboration. TopBraid Composer Maestro
Edition has enhanced features for testing and rapid deployment of
Web applications, according to the company. It includes an integrated
Web server and Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT), plus
ease-of-use improvements. Maestro Edition users can execute Java Server
Pages (JSP) in the Eclipse development environment to generate HTML
and XML documents. The toolset has a mapping feature that lets users
query and transform XML in Resource Description Framework (RDF), and
then save back to XML without losing information (which is known as
"round-tripping"), according to company officials. Users can also scan
e-mails and load metadata into Web Ontology Language (OWL) ontologies.
The key idea behind the Maestro Edition is its ability to enable agile
development, according to Holgar Knublauch, vice president of product
development... TopQuadrant's products use a proprietary querying
language called Sparql/Motion, which is a graphical language built
around the W3C's SPARQL, a developing standard. SPARQL is comparable
with SQL, but it operates on RDF data sources.

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